Work Injury


Work Injury, Eshelman Legal Group, Canton Injury Lawyers

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  • Work Injury
  • Car, Motorcycle or Truck Accidents
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  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Defective Products

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Work Injury

Work Injury, Eshelman Legal Group, Canton Injury Lawyers

When starting your day on the job, the last thing you should worry about is injury; however, workplace injury is a common problem in today’s workplace. If you’re injured at work, most often your single source of recovery will be through worker’s compensation. Worker’s comp is a form of insurance that provides wage alternatives and health benefits to employees injured on the job, substituting the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for disregard of safety in the work place. Types of worker’s compensation include:

  • Temporary Total Compensation
  • Wage Loss Compensation
  • Lump Sum Settlement

Being injured on the job could be detrimental to your professional and personal life, sometimes requiring countless surgeries so you can enjoy even simple day-to-day activities. Just getting out of bed to start your day could become difficult due to an accident at work and some injuries could prevent you from ever working again. You may not be able to do simple household chores like mowing the grass, or washing your car. An injury at work is a serious event and most times should be handled by legal professionals.

Work related injuries could arise from:

  • Overextension
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Slipping and Falling
  • Falling Objects
  • Moving Vehicle Accidents
  • Chemical Exposure

It is your employer’s obligation - his or her duty to you - to make your workplace a safe and clean environment and to practice the utmost diligence to avoid accidents at work. If you’re injured at work, immediately alert your employer. You may be able to choose your own medical source, but in some cases, your employer will direct you to a particular provider. The process can be complicated and stressful, but there is help – via an Ohio Work Injury Attorney at the Eshelman Legal Group.

If you or someone you know has suffered from a workplace injury, which has resulted in serious harm, contact the Eshelman Legal Group in Northeast Ohio immediately to arrange your free initial consultation. Remember, there are time restraints in regards to your potential case. If you wait too long you may forfeit your legal rights to regain what you have suffered and lost due to this type of injury.

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