Teenage Vehicle Accidents


Teenage Vehicle Car Accidents, Eshelman Legal Group, Canton Injury Lawyers

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Teenage Vehicle Accidents

Who Is At Risk

Teenage Vehicle Car Accidents, Eshelman Legal Group, Canton Injury Lawyers

The leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. This is something that can be somewhat preventable by practicing better driving habits and be alert to what you are doing and your surroundings.

The insurance companies have all these facts and more. That is one reason why teens pay higher car insurance premiums than older adults. We at the Eshelman Legal Group have seen our share of serious injuries over the past 40 years. Our practice is strictly representing injured victims. Although we understand everyone suffers in a serious accident. In a serious accident where personal injuries or even death have occurred, everyone is a victim. But unfortunately usually someone is at fault. Most times in a serious accident, a person is to blame, the accident could have been avoided. It is our job to represent you if you have been injured and it was not your fault. Your life has been changed and sometimes for ever, never to be the same again. Other family members may have to wait on you the rest of your life. Maybe take care of your children. Maybe even help you financially. In times like these you need solid legal representation.

There are several reason for teenage accidents

  • Novice Drivers - Teens are relatively new at driving. They do not have the experience handling a motor vehicle in diverse situations as an older person who has been driving for many years. For this reason, some accident have occurred.
  • Distracted Driving - Teens may feel they can multi task while driving. Texting, eating, drinking soft drinks or water while driving. All these and more can easily distract the driver and it only takes a second or two to create a devastating accident.
  • Speeding & Drinking - Dangerous combination at any age. These are two big factors among teens that contribute to serious injuries from vehicle accidents. You should never drive while or after drinking. Always obey the speed laws when driving.
  • Seat Belts - Lack of wearing seat belts are also a major factor for serious injuries among teens when involved in a serious vehicle accident.

It is a necessity for you and your family.

If you are the victim of a serious vehicle accident, the other insurance company will not be there for you the rest of your life. You will need the biggest settlement you can get. It is not their job to hand over unlimited money to you. The other insurance company will try to settle as soon as they can and to pay the least amount possible. Of course they will be nice to you, they have to be, the accident was not your fault. But, they need to settle with you and get you off their books. The sooner for them the better. The attorneys at the Eshelman Legal Group will fight for you. Even when you don't feel like fighting because of pain and suffering, we will continue the fight on your behalf.

You will be busy with other life responsibilities and obligations that you need to tend to. While you are taking care of all those important things in your life, we are working, gathering data, digging into the law and fighting to help you receive the biggest possible settlement to help you the rest of your life. The settlement may seem large at first but keep in mind, medical bills can be expensive and your quality of life may diminish. You may miss many work days due to injuries and doctor visits. Over time as you get older your health may deteriorate even faster than if you had not been in this serious accident. There are many unknown factors that can arise. For these reasons we fight to get you the largest possible compensation.

The Eshelman Legal Group is well respected in the Ohio court system. We know Ohio injury law. We know insurance companies. We know pain and suffering. We know we can help you.

Give us a call before you talk to any insurance adjuster. You could defeat your case even before you take legal action. We know what you need to do and what you should share with the insurance adjuster. Let us help you get through this horrific time in your life.

Don't wait to long...

Ohio has strict time limits on when you can take legal action. If you wait to long, you can forfeit your case and that would be terrible. The insurance company can settle with you and you have no legal leverage. You have just defeated your own case by waiting too long to get professional legal help.

It is wise to get good legal counsel. It is wise to choose the Eshelman Legal Group. Respected, experienced and trusted...

If you have suffered from a serious vehicle accident, please contact the Eshelman Legal Group by phone 1-800-365-0001 or through our secure website’s contact form, EshelmanLegalGroup.com, to set up a free, confidential consultation today and to be sure you do not miss the deadline. And remember, we do not collect from you unless we get you compensation.

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