Car Accident Injury


Car Accident Injury, Eshelman Legal Group, Canton Injury Lawyers

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Car Accident Injury

Suffering From an Automobile Accident Injury?

Car Accident Injury, Eshelman Legal Group, Canton Injury Lawyers

Have you have ever been involved in a rear end collision? If so, you may have experienced whiplash which is the most common of car accident injuries. But according to the lawyers at the Eshelman Legal Group in N.E. Ohio, there are many other types of automobile accident injuries as well, and if you have experienced one of them, it may be time to contact an experienced attorney.

Car accidents are the leading cause of injuries in the U.S. Over 5.6 million are reported each year, 300,000 of which are fatal and 1.6 million cause injuries. Two of the most serious injuries that can occur are to the head and back. Everything from concussions to comas to brain injuries and cognitive problems can be the result of someone driving recklessly and causing a serious automobile wreck.

Head Injuries

Striking your head on a window or steering wheel; you may not realize you have sustained a serious head injury so it is imperative you see a physician right away in case you have a fractured skull and before side effects like blurred vision or hearing loss kick in.

Back Injuries

If you have injured your back and damaged your spinal cord, you can experience nerve damage, herniated disks, tingling in your limbs or worse case scenario, paralysis. Once again, the Eshelman Legal Group reminds you to consult a doctor immediately. Not only is it imperative for your health, but having a doctor document your injuries can help your legal case.

Chest Injuries

Another type of automobile accident injury can occur to the neck and chest. As mentioned earlier, whiplash, the result of getting rear ended, is quite common. An injury to the chest, however, is very serious. Broken ribs, collapsed lungs and internal bleeding in the chest area, internal vital organs are just a few of things that are related to trauma affecting the chest. Additionally, people with heart problems have been known to go into cardiac arrest immediately following an accident like this. These injuries require immediate medical attention.

Limb Injuries

Of course, injuries to the legs, arms and feet are also common in automobile accidents. Severed limbs or a broken bone, ligament damage, they are all possible. Every injury we have listed will cause emotional distress. Car crashes can leave an emotional scar on those not just involved in the accident, but those who witnessed it too and family members who watch their loved one suffer. Unlike going to a physician for physical medical care, the attorneys at the Eshelman Legal Group suggest seeing a counselor and getting treatment for your psychological injuries and post traumatic stress disorder.

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